Communicating the Mission

Ever since the days of the early church, Christians have used symbols to both embody the essence of their faith and to identify themselves as belonging to Christ. Whether it be through the famous Ichthys fish symbol with the Greek letters for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior” inside (ΙΧΘΥΕ) or through the various versions of a cross found in church buildings from the first few centuries after Christ, believers have represented Christianity through symbolic form. The new Evangel logo serves a similar dual purpose: it embodies the Gospel and our church identity.

The ringed cross in Evangel’s logo is a re-imagining of a historic Christian cross symbol. Ringed crosses have long been used in Christian symbols and artwork. Historically, the circle had a number of associations: the idea that Christ reigns over the cosmos, the sacredness of Christ (an allusion to a halo), the crown of thorns, and also the use of the Celtic cross by Christian churches in Ireland and eventually throughout Christendom. In the Evangel logo, the ringed cross design shows the importance of the work of Christ on the cross on our behalf–and also proclaims his sovereign reign over all creation. In this way, the logo embodies in symbol the foundation of our faith–the Gospel.

The second purpose of the logo is to capture the identity of Evangel Presbyterian Church. Our mission statement (see inset box) proclaims our twofold focus: discipleship (equipping believers) and evangelism (sharing His Gospel with the lost). The green background serves to remind us of this commitment to growth. May we always be growing in our ability to live for Jesus Christ, and may our local body of believers be growing as we add to our fellowship through discipleship and evangelism.