Grieving the Loss of Meeting Together – Part 2


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“Why do we feel such a loss concerning not being together for Sunday worship?”


In the second part of addressing this question, we look at Bannerman’s comments regarding the church below. There is also a tie in to this Sunday’s sermon (April 12, 2020). 


“…the Church is spoken of in Scripture as the residence or earthly dwelling-place of the Spirit, the Third Person of the glorious Godhead. (3) It is no doubt true that the Spirit of God dwells in each individual believer, making his soul and body His temple, and glorifying the place of His presence with all heavenly and sanctified graces. But over and above this, and in a higher sense than can apply to any individual Christian, the Spirit of God makes His dwelling in the Church, enriching that Church with all the fullness of life and power and privilege, which no single believer could receive or contain. As the body of the Son of God, as the earthly dwelling – place of the Spirit of God, the Church more than the Christian – the society more than the individual – is set forth to us as the highest and most glorious embodiment and manifestation of Divine power and grace upon the earth. And it is in reference to the society, and not to the individuals of which it is composed-to the Church and not to its single members-that very much of the language of the Bible refers.” (pg.3)

By this we are taught:

  1. We grow in our knowledge and understanding of God through the body of Christ. Think about how this is true. Consider when you have seen this.
  2. Our understanding and maturity in the knowledge of God is stunted when we don’t join the body of Christ and minister within her.
  3. God beautifies the church with life and power and privilege.
  4. Meditate and consider how God beautifies the church with life and power and privilege.
  5. Can you think of concrete examples of how you have seen God, through the body of Christ, bestow the church with life, power and privilege?

(3) Romans 8:9, 11, 16; 1 Corinthians 3:16,17; 6:11, 15-17; Ephesians 2:18,22; 4:4