Learning in the Library


Did you hear?

Evangel has a church library and changes are happening there. No, it doesn’t look different—still books on shelves, but in a few months, you will be able to view the church library’s entire book catalog from wherever you have internet access. How convenient is that?

So far, we have the over-300-book fiction section entered into the online database. Take a look at the website: https://www.librarycat.org/lib/EvangelPCA-ICT. You’ll notice you can search for books by author or title, or you can click on one of the book covers in the crawler below the search bar. Either way will open a page that tells about the book and whether it is available. When all our books are in the database, we hope to offer other features such as online checkout. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, books can still be checked out with the old-fashioned card system. ~ Deby Springer and Bev Kimmel