Meal Ministry


2018 Numbers: 8 Families Blessed | 50 Meals Provided


Why does Evangel have a meal ministry? It is a tangible way to show Christ’s love by caring for people. Liesel Engelbrecht says, “I have often shared with others how our church family is a family, and a big part of that is because of how well they care for us with meals. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of those who make and deliver meals for us after all of our children were born, and for those who have organized the meal ministry.”

Newborn held by big brother
New baby welcomed by big brother

When is the meal ministry used? Any time there is a need. In 2018 eight families were helped by this ministry. Over fifty meals were provided during births, deaths, surgeries, and illnesses. Pastor Tim or any of the deacons can activate the meal ministry.

How does it work? We use an online site called Take-Them-A-Meal. An email is sent out and all you have to do is click on the link and sign up. All details regarding preferences, allergies, number of people, and contact info are on the site.

Who? The answer is anyone and everyone!! If you need meals…then this ministry is for you! If you can provide a meal or a gift card…then this ministry is for you!

Bev Kimmel sums things up by sharing her experience with both sides of this ministry. “Thinking about the meal ministry, it might be helpful to consider some do’s and don’ts. First, if it applies to you, don’t forget how grateful you were for that meal when you needed some extra support. I remember the first meal I received as a new mother, and it’s probably no surprise that it was from the Ramsours! The church at the time didn’t have a meal ministry that I knew of and it was a real blessing. Second, don’t compare yourself to all those other wonderful cooks in the church! Most of us have a few favorite dishes to make and yours will be enjoyed just as much. Third, do use premade dishes. Sometimes those can be favorites!”

This is a wonderful ministry! If you have any questions, just ask!!

Maryanne Johnston, Meal Ministry Coordinator