What Are FLOCKS Groups?

‘FLOCKS’ are the primary small group ministry of our church. Next to corporate worship, we consider FLOCKS to be the most important shepherding ministry of the church. Our FLOCKS are mixed groups of men and women that meet every other week at different times and in various homes. Each group is led by an elder. In fall 2023, our FLOCKS groups studied Lamentations alongside Pastor Tim’s Sunday morning sermon series. We will finish Lamentations this spring. Click below to view our group study:

What Does ‘FLOCKS’ Stand for?

The name we have given to our small groups reminds of us of their purpose: FLOCKS stands for Fellowship, Leadership development, Outreach, Community, Knowledge of Christ, and Service.  We study the Bible as a group, and share life together. This article describes the FLOCKS study from Fall of 2018.

For more information about FLOCKS meetings, times, or locations, contact Pastor Tim or view our church calendar.