Volunteers and Leaders

Our goal at Evangel is for every Christian to live faithfully as a worshiper, worker, and witness. This often means a person will serve as a volunteer (or leader) in one area or another, depending on our church’s need and the individual’s God-given gifts. If you are a volunteer or leader, we are so thankful for you!

Whether you have been serving for a long time and need a refresher or you are new to your role and figuring things out for the first time, this webpage is designed to help you use the tools we have for ministry to the best of your ability, all to the glory of God. To that end, you’ll find numerous video tutorials alongside links to other practical resources. If you have any questions, let us know!


Many of our ministries use the Planning Center Services app to manage the volunteer schedules. Click below for a 3-minute overview video on how to use the app! You’ll learn how to log in, accept or decline requests to serve, view your upcoming schedule, and more.

Below we’ve provided a 2-minute video covering how to preemptively submit the dates you’re unavailable to serve (known as ‘blockout dates’). This feature saves everyone time and helps us avoid last-minute scheduling scrambles!


Leaders! We’ve created a 10-minute video on how to schedule your volunteer teams. This video covers managing individual weeks, scheduling months in advance using the matrix, sending custom volunteer requests, and more.

To learn more, click here for a series of short videos covering specific features in Services that will help you care for your volunteer team.