Welcoming All

We are continuing to be intentional about hospitality at Evangel, and want to take every opportunity to make our guests, regular attenders, and members feel welcome and at home. In the coming months, we will be improving our welcome in several ways.





Connect Cards. Soon we will begin recording attendance with new “Connect Cards” that communicate ways to get involved with what’s happening at Evangel.




Welcome Table. Before long we will be placing a “Welcome Table” in our foyer that will be a place for guests to find helpful information as well as a place for our members to sign-up for events or other ministries.

Volunteer Nametags. Watch for nametags on our children’s ministry volunteers to make it easy to identify who are our children’s ministry teachers and volunteers.

Children’s Check-In. We are in the process of preparing to implement a children’s check-in system that will make it easy for us to check-in kids for their Sunday school classes, nursery, and children’s church. This will help teachers and volunteers by giving kids nametags with parent and allergy information and will also give our guests confidence that their children are well-loved and cared for.